Random Ramblings

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I am an artist

I am a dancer

I am an actress who is discovering what that means

I am a singer with Karaoke ambitions

I am a friend, a sister, a daughter

I am a lover who dislikes the term in its flamboyance

I am a comedian in my own head

I am the cheesiest of cheeseballs who cries at the beauty of commercials with farting babies and the families that love them

I am a tomboy who has learned to embrace my feminine side

I am ambitious …another word  for crazy

I am a superstar yet to be discovered

I am a carefully organized rebel

I am a lover of books

I am a perfectionist finding out there is no true element of it

I am a lover of stars with their beauty and mystery of a world we have yet to discover

I am curious about everything and it did not kill my cat my dad hit it with the car.