New News on the Acting Front

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I have just signed with new management!!! Tigertainment Talent run by Michael John, and “yes” that is his real first and last name. I know if sounds biblical which hopefully will be to my advantage. Here is his info if you need to contact him: (310) 287-9809

I have also completed a movie RAZE, starring Rosario Dawson, Rachel Nichols, and Zoe Bell, directed by the incredible Josh Waller. I play ROSIE, a girl kidnapped and forced to fight to the death to save her family. Please check out and support this amazing film:

Me after a serious fight on the movie RAZE

Me after my fight on RAZE

Lastly, I have just come back from a ten day adventure in Pamplona, Spain, for a documentary called Sin Igual!/SinIgualDoc. One of the highlights from this action packed trip is my three day run with the bulls in the famous Running of the Bulls. It was terrifying, thrilling, and incredibly life changing. I have unearthed a strength and courage that is beyond my comprehension but I ‘m excited to continue to explore. You can read more on this crazy adventure in my blog insert in Random Ramblings that will hopefully be up in a couple of days.

Me at the opening ceremony of the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona