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26 Jul

ME for the benefit to know ME better

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This little ditty I wrote because I was asked by my new manager, Michael John of Tigertainment Talent,to write a little something about myself. Enjoy!


So you have asked me to write about myself, which in theory seems pretty simple but for a complex human being like me it may not be. Logistically I’m Filipina, which in industry terms can mean “ethnically ambiguous.” I’m a punch ya in the face kind of sister to my very talented yet clumsy older brother. I’m a difficult daughter to manage, which means I have amazing parents. I’m a super hero in training and my puppies are my weakness. I’m terrified of a lot but will do it anyways. I’m a loyal friend, a struggling idealist, I don’t always have a good sense of humor but I find myself hilarious. I don’t know anything about grammar even though I have a degree in English. I’m not brilliant but have my moments, I snore incredibly loud, I cry at cheesy movies and still think farts are funny. I think I will always find farts funny.

What I think makes me unique is not just my framework, the 4 foot 11 inches of explosive power (insert Wonder Woman theme music here), but the canvas of my spirit. Using cheesy air quotes I would have to say that I’m a “lover of life.” What I mean by that is that I love human beings and our complexities (a nice word for crazy). I love the unpredictable problems or joys that life offers and the crazy coincidences or the manipulated forced circumstances we experience. And with that I want to reflect this life back through story so that we can look at it, laugh at it, cry at it, and hopefully even learn from it. I’m open to how this story is told whether through acting, movement, words, or action. I’ve spent the majority of my life experiencing all these forms of expression so that I can be open to fully invest my whole being in the story being told. I’m versatile, passionate, highly trained, highly sensitive, and always growing.

07 May

Amazing New Projects- Forget working 9 to 5, how about 5am to midnight!!

I had the most amazing week working on some killer projects.  I have just completed a Coke Spec Commercial I had written and produced with the incredible Tara Macken, directed by talented Matt Berberi, music by Sebastian.  Thank you to all my dear, amazing, and beautiful friends who came out and took part in this project.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  Here are a couple of gems to get a feel for the project.

Someone here is not like the others.....


In other news, I also did a fun inpromptu fight sequence with the amazing Alvin Chon, Eric Van Arsdale, and Hans Wikkeling.  Thank you guys for letting play and kick your butts!! Good times!!



02 May

Random Ramblings

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I am an artist

I am a dancer

I am an actress who is discovering what that means

I am a singer with Karaoke ambitions

I am a friend, a sister, a daughter

I am a lover who dislikes the term in its flamboyance

I am a comedian in my own head

I am the cheesiest of cheeseballs who cries at the beauty of commercials with farting babies and the families that love them

I am a tomboy who has learned to embrace my feminine side

I am ambitious …another word  for crazy

I am a superstar yet to be discovered

I am a carefully organized rebel

I am a lover of books

I am a perfectionist finding out there is no true element of it

I am a lover of stars with their beauty and mystery of a world we have yet to discover

I am curious about everything and it did not kill my cat my dad hit it with the car.