Marissa Labog, nicknamed “Mighty” by her peers, is committed to her strong belief in the transformative power of storytelling. Indicated by her nickname, as an actor, dancer, and stuntwoman, Marissa is fearless and powerful in her pursuit for creative adventure earning her such awards as the Lester Horton Award for “Outstanding Performer,” “Best Actress” Award, the “Solo Award”, and an “Ovation” Award Nomination.

Unable to sit still she explored multiple avenues of movement from several disciplines of dance, to gymnastics and tricking, parkour, and martial arts. Dancing nationally and internationally with PCB Ballet and Inland Pacific Ballet, Marissa was urged by her loving mother to take up martial arts to learn to “defend” herself while traveling abroad. Enrolling her in Karate, Marissa excelled and furthered her study with capoeira, and Tae Kwon Do. Curious of her training and its connection to her growing desire to tell stories, Marissa went on to Scripps College where she graduated with a BA in both Dance and English and the coveted Lucille Morrison Scholarship. After graduation, Marissa performed as a principle dancer across the United States, Canada, Japan, Ireland, Portugal, Russia, China, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Australia, and England with the companies John Pennington and the famed LA Philharmonic, Oni Dance, Rosanna Gamson Worldwide, Company of Strangers, Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre, and Jacob Jonas The Company of which she is rehearsal director.

In a wonderful twist of fate, Marissa stumbled upon breaking (aka break dancing). Impressed by its freedom and pursuit of individuality, she went on to found and direct the breaking performance group called “One Step Ahead.” Established as a youth advocate organization, OSA became recognized as a prominent physical theater company that has now grown into UP PRODUCTIONZ. U.P. an acronym for “undeniably powerful,” “unapologetically present,” “universal play,” is a company that produces content in both film and theater. It strives to reinvest meaning and truth into storytelling by celebrating difference and reveling in the purity of the moment, incorporating the love of acting, dance, and stunt based action.

As a stuntwoman, Marissa has worked on TV shows such as “School of Rock,” “Stuck in the Middle,” “Henry Danger,” and “Game Shakers” to name a few. Films such as “Raze” and “Act Of Valor” as a stunt actress, “Colombiana,” “The Last Word,” “Cooties,” and the much anticipated new Wolverine movie “Logan” coming out this March.

As a dancer, she worked with such artists as Tina Turner, Christina Aguilera, LL Cool J, and prominent brands such as Nike, iPod, and Coke. Moving onto TV and Film, Marissa had worked on such shows as “The Drew Carey Show,””Fresh Beat Band,” “Shake It Up” and films “House Bunny,” “Bratz,” and the Emmy award winning film ”LA LA LAND.”

Currently studying acting with Diana Castle and Steve Tiesort, Marissa can also be seen horrifying viewers as a terrorist in “Act of Valor,” seducing lovers in “Hail Satan,” and bringing viewers to tears while courageously living with a life threatening illness in the theater piece “Obstacles.” Via her company UP Productionz, Marissa was acknowledged for her performance as Mackenzie in “When Kids Grow Up” with a “Best Actress” Award from The Los Angeles Womens Independent Film Festival. A proud member of SAG/ Aftra, Marissa looks forward to many creative adventures coming her way.