A Bird’s Eye View… Welcome To My News Page

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Hello! Welcome to my news page where you get to read all the gory details about me!!!  Which really means all the everyday, maybe incohesive ramblings of the slightly imbalanced life of a Filipino gal from a middle class family living in LA.  Just a couple things to get out of the way, I am an actress, a dancer, and a stuntwoman which means I’m an artist.  Yes an artist, which some people call “crazy” but I translate into exciting, spontaneous, and brilliantly creative.  I am a friend, also known as “homey,” a sister, a daughter, a carefully organized rebel, and the cheesiest of cheese balls who cries at the beauty of commercials with the farting babies and the families that love them…. Awww sweet farting babies!  (If you would like to learn more about the gal nicknamed “Mighty” by some, “Moe” by others, go to the random rambling section of this page)

In other news… You can see me terrify viewers as a Terrorist Recruit in “Act of Valor” out in theaters and see me jumping off buildings, vaulting over people in the action packed movie “Colombiana” now out on DVD.

I’m honored to be “Sarah” in the film “Hail Satan,” that premiered at the Mann’s Chinese Theater, was just awarded the coveted Indie Spirit Award, and is now playing in the Horror International Film Festival in Sydney, Australia.

I had a blast kicking butt on a web series coordinated and 2nd unit directed by the incredibly talented and inspiring Mark Musashi and the amazing and powerful Solomon Brende.

Now for a brief nap… until tomorrow.